Approaching the Five Hundred Years of the Birth of Jacomo Tintoretto
Readings by Klytia Benedettelli

Jacomo Tintoretto (1519 – 1594) and music from his period


Musiche di A.Willaert, A.Gabrieli, G.Zarlino, C.Merulo, G.P.Palestrina, C.De Rore, G.Croce, M.Asola, V.Ruffo

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It is a male choral group. It has been affirmed in numerous national and International competitions: first prize at the National Polyphonic Competition of Quartiano (1993 and 2013); E. Casagrande Grand Prix at the Vittorio Veneto National Competition (1993 and 2001); second prize in the Gregorian chant category at the Guido International Competition d’Arezzo (1995); first prize in the category items equal to the Guido National Competition of Arezzo (1995). They collaborate with organizations and cultural associations such as the RAI Orchestra of Turin, the Levi Foundation of Venice, the La Fenice Theater of Venice, the University of Padua, the Olympic Academy of Vicenza, the Associazione Amici della Musica of Vicenza, the Quartet Society.
They participated in reviews, festivals and concert seasons such as the Festival of Ancient Music of Trento, the Galuppi Festival of Venice, the In singing Festival Gregorian of Florence, the Asiagofestival, also proposing thematic projects and works monographs such as, for example, the liturgical drama Officium Stellae, the Passion of Christo according to Giovanni di Francesco Corteccia (1527), the Lamentationes Hieremiae prophetae of M. A. Engineers. They realized thematic projects on G. M. Asola, G. Croce, S. Mercadante, P. Davide da Bergamo, G. Sarto (Pius X) and works by contemporary authors such as C. Ambrosini, G. Bonato, P. Ugoletti, M. Kerer, Z. Gárdonyi, also in first performance absolute. They collaborated with important names in Italian culture and theater such as Melania Mazzucco, Pamela Villoresi, Luciano Bertoli, Sandro Cappelletto, Giulio Cattin, Gianfranco De Bosio, Bepi De Marzi, Arnoldo Foà. A significant part of their artistic activity is collected in some recording works: Musica Dei donum (1996), Lux fulgebit (2002), Pio X – la sua musica (2003), Saverio Mercadante, Musica Sacra e Stile operistico (2004), Cantate (2007), Spatium (2012), Confini (2015). In 2014 it was indicated by the La Repubblica newspaper among the most popular groups in the landscape of amateur Italian choirs.
The group – which has held numerous concerts in Italy, France, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Spain and Switzerland – also comes in mixed formation and chamber music, for monodic and renaissance repertoires.


Graduated in Composition, in Organ and organ composition, in Choral Music and choir direction, in prepolphony, teaches organ, modality and Gregorian chant at Luca Marenzio Conservatory of Brescia. She has performed concert activity as an organist and she collaborated with instrumental and vocal groups.

She attended advanced courses in organ, with J. Langlais, M. Radulescu, A. Mitterhofer, Monserrat Torrent Serra, Gregorian chant, in choral direction, vocality and interpretation with Giovanni Acciai, Steve Woodbory, Alfredo Grandini, Peter Neumann. She received awards for the best direction at the National Contests of Quartiano and Vittorio Veneto.
She directed the Cœnobium Vocal, a male vocal group with which she won prizes and awards in national and international choral competitions. She has carried out projects music with important names in Italian culture and theater such as Arnoldo Foà, Pamela Villoresi, Melania Mazzucco, Sandro Cappelletto, Gianfranco De Bosio, Giulio Cattin, Bepi De Marzi, Luciano Bertoli.

She collaborates with institutions and cultural associations such as the Teatro La Fenice di Venezia, the National Symphony Orchestra of the RAI of Turin, the Levi Foundation of Venice, the University of Padua, the Olympic Academy of Vicenza.

She cared and directed numerous first performances of works by contemporary composers such as Claudio Ambrosini, Giovanni Bonato, Manuela Kerer, Daniel Knaggs, Paolo Ugoletti, Pierangelo Valtinoni. She has directed the Schola Cantorum of the Cathedral of Brescia and started a school project in 2004 with the youth choir of the High School Giacomo Zanella di Schio (VI).
Already member of the regional artistic commission of the ASAC and national of the Feniarco, she collaborates with various regional choral associations, institutions and institutions of national relevance, in the context of laboratories and training sessions addressed to choir directors.

In 2017 she was tutor of the regional youth choir of Veneto, in the project Officina Corale del Feniarco’s future, she is frequently invited to take part in juries in choral competitions, nationals and internationals.

Programma Evento

ADRIAN WILLAERT (1490 – 1562)

Regina coeli

O, magnum Mysterium

ANDREA GABRIELI (1510 – 1586)

O, Crux fidelis


Regem cui omnia vivunt

Invitatorium VI

GIOSEFFO ZARLINO (1517 – 1590)

Parce mihi Domine

Officium Defunctorum

Ad Matinum pro defunctis

Lectio Prima

VINCENZO RUFFO (1508 – 1587)

De profundis

da Salmi suavissimi et devotissimi a cinque voci

CLALUDIO MERULO (1533 – 1604)

Ave Maria a cinque

MATTEO ASOLA (1524 – 1609)

Quem vidistis pastores

doppio coro


Magnificat quarti toni

CIPRIANO DE RORE (1516 – 1565)

Sub tuum Praesidium

GIOVANNI CROCE (1557 – 1609)

Cantate Domino

Ave Virgo, sponsa Dei

Doppio coro (maschile)


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