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Full price Euro 25.00 - Reduced Euro 20.00 / 15.00


Tickets may be purchased at:

Venezia Unica ticket offices:

  • Venezia: Tronchetto, P.Roma, Piazzale Roma ufficio IAT, Stazione Scalzi biglietteria linea 2, Ferrovia F18, Rialto linea 2, Lido S. Maria Elisabetta, Piazza San Marco 71 Palazzo Correr, Accademia biglietteria approdo Actv
  • Mestre: ticket office Venezia Unica Piazzale Cialdini
  • Dolo: ticket office Venezia Unica Via Mazzini
  • Sottomarina: ticket office Venezia Unica Viale Padova
  • Chioggia Vigo: approdo ACTV biglietteria Venezia Unica
  • Call center hello Venezia 0412424
  • The venue of the show, on the day it takes place and on the previous day

Reductions (Reductions are not cumulative)
Students up to 26 years; Senior citizen from the age of 60; Special reduction Euro 15.00 for the members of: Amici della Fenice, Associazione Piazza San Marco, Ateneo Veneto, AIL - Associazione Italiana Contro le Leucemie-Linfomi e Mieloma Onlus, Rotary Club.

Invitation for the concerts of 8th of september - Cavalli Franchetti Palace and 11th of october - Labia Palace may be obtained at Ticket Office of La Fenice Theatre from the startof the week of the concerts.